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All you need to know about Covid 19 – How to travel to Morocco

Bargaining is unavoidable in Morocco: if you purchase just about anything in a souk, be prepared to bargain. If you approach it in the right spirit and with the right expectations, it can be a lot of fun. Just remember, it’s a game. A dance with words and gestures, accompanied by copious amounts of mint tea. 

You do not need immunizations going into Morocco with the exception of Covid 19.

Only drink water from unopened bottles. Do not use ice, except in quality hotels.

Moroccan pharmacies are great; you can self-diagnose and get whatever pharmaceuticals you need, however it is wise to bring basic medicine with you when you are outside of the major cities – aspirin, antisceptic, Immodium, etc.

Borders: Algeria, Mauritania


Telephone: Country code 212; international access code 00

Money: Dirham (Dh); US$1 = btw 9 & 10 MDH

Visas: 90-day visas issued on entry for most nationalities

Seasons: Super Nice (March – June & September -October) Hot (July & August), Mild Cold (November to February)

Area: 446, 550 sq km (710, 000 sq km including Western Sahara)

Population: Around 34 million

ATMs: Throughout the country except in small villages

Capital: Rabat

Languages: Arabic, French, Berber, and increasingly English