Morocco Visa Information

The following Morocco Visa Information is provided by the Morocco General Consulate of New York to provide to our Clients by Marrakech Morocco Tourism.

Note: Americans & Canadians Do not need a visa to travel around Morocco. They will receive one from the authorities once they arrive to Morocco for up to 3 months. List of countries whose citizens are exempted from entry visa into Morocco

The competent authorities issue four types of entry visas to Morocco

Short validity visa
The short-term visa allows a foreigner to enter the territory of the Kingdom of Morocco for reasons other than immigration, for a short stay uninterrupted, or several short stays in the case of multiple entries.
The duration of each stay is from one to ninety days.

Long validity visa
The visa of long validity, over three months, is a visa of multiple entries issued by the Moroccan diplomatic or consular services, after consultation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation.
The period of validity of this visa cannot exceed one year and the duration of each stay is from one to ninety days.
A foreigner, holder of a long-term visa and wishes to stay in Morocco for more than three months, should request a registration card from the competent services of the General Directorate of National Security.

Transit visa
The transit visa authorizes a foreigner, traveling to a third State, to cross the territory of Morocco. This visa may be issued for one or two transits with a duration of stay of each transit not exceeding 72 hours.

Visa issued at the border
In some exceptional cases, the Security Services may issue short-stay and transit visas at the Border Posts.
For countries where Morocco is not represented, requests must be made to the diplomatic mission accredited in that country or to the Honorary Consuls. In the absence of these representations, requests will be addressed directly to the  Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Directorate of  Consular and Social Affairs – Rabat ( for a visa to be issued at the airport.

Important observation:
In accordance with the regulations in force, the change of type of visa already obtained is not allowed once its holder enters the Moroccan territory. A new visa must be requested from the country of residence of the person concerned.

List of countries whose citizens are exempted from entry visa into Morocco

Documents to be submitted for your application (Tourism visa)

Submitting your visa application

You may submit your visa application by mail, in person, or by messenger. If mailing your documents, do not use regular mail. Express-mail from the United States Postal Service is the only mailing form accepted for applicants residing in the USA. The postal service will provide you with a tracking number. Use this number to track where your application is during its route to us.

Once we receive your application, we will contact you if there is an issue. If you do not hear from us, please assume that your application is fine.

Your application MUST include a prepaid, self-addressed USPS Express Mail or Priority Mail envelope. If this is not included, we will be unable to send your processed passport back to you. (This prepaid envelope will have a tracking number associated with it. Please use this number to track your passport. Completed visa applications should be mailed to the following address:
Visa Department
Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco
10 E 40 Street 23 Floor
New York, NY 10016

The required documents
1-Entry visa application form signed and appropriately filled out in capital letters;
2-Two passport size color photos with white background;
3-Copy of the applicant’s legal status in the US: Green card, F1 Visa, H1B-Visa, L1 Visa, O1 Visa, J1 Visa, or G1 Visa. (B1/B2 Visa is not accepted);
4-In case the applicant is an F1 or H1B US visa holder, a completed I-94 form is required;
5-Valid passport: The validity of the passport or the travel document must be longer than the duration of stay;
6-A photocopy of the passport (pages indicating the identity & validity);
7-Bank statement;
Or attestation of invitation duly legalized, in case of a family visit, including a guarantee of covering medical and possible repatriation expenses
Or request from an authorized travel agency or recommendation of the Ministry of Tourism or the representation of the Moroccan National Tourist Office;
8-Travel Insurance.
9-Chancery fees:
Up to 90 days stay with one entry: $23.85
Up to 90 days stay with two entries: $35.80
**Visa application for a minor: Traveling minors need to provide a notarized letter signed by both parents authorizing the child to travel with a designated adult. The parental authorization should be submitted with the application.

Applicants who do not reside in the USA
*Residents of countries other than the USA must contact the nearest Moroccan Consulate or Embassy.
*Residents of the Caribbean islands should contact their nearest Moroccan Embassy (the Dominican Republic or Saint Lucia).
At the time of visa issuance, please provide the following documents:  
You may be asked to provide the following while we are processing your visa. Do not send or submit unless we contact you:
A copy of roundtrip flight itinerary;
A hotel booking, or Introduction of a “Voucher”;

Method of payment
Please be advised that this Consulate General does not accept personal checks. You can pay with a money order through the mail or when applying in person at the New York office. Please do not send cash in the mail.
All payments should be made payable to the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The visa officer reserves the right to ask for more documents if necessary.
The satisfaction of these requirements does not necessarily entitle the applicant to a visa to enter Morocco.

The General Consulate of the Kingdom of Morocco shall have no liability to any visa applicant, or any other person relying on or benefiting from any visa application, for any commitment, cost, or expenditure incurred in reliance on or anticipation of receiving a Moroccan visa, whether within a particular timescale or at all, including but not limited to air travel, hotel, and other travel and accommodation arrangements, and any other arrangements made.

Important Information
*Visa drop-off and pick-up schedule: Monday-Friday: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
*For families applying together, please make sure that you create a separate file for each individual. Please do not bundle all documents into one file.

PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE PAGES TOGETHER. This adds unnecessary work.

For other types of visas, please click here.

Thank you for your interest in visiting Morocco, the land of hospitality.
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