Morocco Cooking with the Locals

Our Morocco Trips Reviews
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Our Morocco Trips Reviews
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Morocco Culinary Workshop in Marrakech and Dinner with a Moroccan Family is a special Morocco Cooking with the locals Culinary Experience of a Life Time, as you will get to feel like if you are a home away from home, at the same time having a taste of the land of hospitality.

3:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Cost: USD 75 per person
(min 2 people)

An afternoon to tour the ancient medina and to explore the ancient market for shopping spices and souvenirs with your tour guide for a couple of hours before you head to your Moroccan Chef’s house for your Moroccan Culinary Experience.

Explore vibrant cultures through cuisine with our award-winning culinary Moroccan Chef. Bring your appetite and your passion and uncover the story of your Moroccan journey through the lens of food. If you were the kind of traveler who seeks insider access and meaningful connections then you should not pass on this authentic experience and learn how to prepare authentic, delectable meal shoulder-to-shoulder with a local chef and have dinner with her family.

Culinary / Dinner Menu
• Moroccan traditional soup and Moroccan Salads Plus 1 choice from the followings dishes
• Lamb or Beef Tajine with dry prunes & roasted almonds
• Chicken with preserved lemon & olives
• Couscous with Beef & 7 vegetables (Vegans & Vegetarians are welcome)
Plus Fruits of the season & Moroccan mint tea

Note: Feel free to bring your own wine

Certified Guide
Afternoon Tour for spice shopping
Culinary Workshop and dinner with a Moroccan family

Not Included:
Shopping Expense for own spices & Souvenirs
Marrakech Day Tour
Jamaa Elfna Square
Ancient Market
The Souk
Ancient Market
Ancient Market

chicken with Olives and Preserved Lemon
Chicken with Lemon & Olives

Moroccan Harira
Moroccan Harira
Lamb with Roasted Almond and Dry Prunes
Lamb with Roasted Almond and Dry Prunes
Morocco Spice Shopping
Morocco Spice Shopping
Moroccan Salads
Moroccan Salads

Morocco Culinary
Morocco Culinary with Moroccan Chef

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